My Story

I am so very happy and grateful to be doing the work I do. Our world can sometimes be tough to navigate, and we face many challenges as individuals, families, and as a society. I take pride in helping people feel better and more content, feel more connected, and lead more intentional and kinder lives.  I like to think that through my work I am helping to change the world, at least my little corner of it, one person and one couple at a time. 

I believe my path toward a career as a therapist began as a child.  My father was a Holocaust survivor and I learned early on how to be a listener. I became the receiver and keeper of my father’s stories.  From those experiences, I learned about trauma, loss, and most importantly resilience.  Despite the earlier tragedies in my father’s life, he along with my mother, taught me about the meaning of love and family, about the importance of generosity and kindness, as well as the ability to move forward in life. Thus, it was in those years that my fascination with the human mind and spirit was ignited and led me to where I am today.   

The other joys in my life start with my two married children and their spouses.  They bring love and new perspectives to my life. Our times together include an abundance of laughs, food and music, with an annual trip up to Tanglewood for James Taylor.  


I am a New York State licensed psychologist and have been working in the therapy field for over 25 years.  I received my graduate education at New York University where I earned a Masters Degree in Counseling and a Doctorate in Psychology.  I am also a certified Relational Life Therapist.

My approach to therapy would best be described as an integrative one with a psychodynamic foundation. Over the last several years the principles of Relational Life Therapy have become more prominent in the work I do in my practice – particularly with couples, as well as in my own life.  I find the results have been positive both for my clients and for myself. I also believe that successful therapy treatment includes a strong connection between therapist and client, for even though I am working to help you reach your goals, we are traveling this journey together.

I am licensed to practice in New York State, and via telehealth in Florida.


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